• 1926
    Indiana-born Everett Earl “Johnny” Black moved to Hawaii where he became superintendent of E. J. Lord, Ltd., subsequently purchasing the company and renaming it E. E. Black, Ltd.
  • 1946
    Robert E. Black joined the firm following service in the World War II with the Army Air Corps from which he was discharged as a Major.
  • 1958
    Hawaii-based E. E. Black formed and registered Black Construction Corporation as its Guam subsidiary
  • 1959
    The Philippine office received its license; E. E. Black, Ltd. Is adequately organized and financed to perform various construction services.
  • 1962
    Operations went full swing when Robert Black took over management of his father’s company and became its President; he has been responsible for the expansion of operations into areas other than Hawaii, as well as real estate investment and other diversifications.
  • 1964
    Dole Co. authorized Black to start construction of complete plantation facilities in Mindanao, almost simultaneously with the first planting of pineapples in that area.
  • 1965
    The U.S. Navy selected Black to perform over $20 million of emergency construction in the Philippines at Subic Bay and Sangley Point.
  • 1988
    New Zealand-based McConnell-Dowell came to rescue Black and became its owner just as the economy was starting to pick up in Guam as a result of Japanese spending.
  • 1992
    Morrison-Knudsen bought Black Construction with the thought of getting rapid transit in Hawaii.
  • 1996
    There was a need for a new company that could breathe some life and energy into Black Construction; Tutor-Saliba looked to be a great match so acquisition of Black took place.
  • 2008
    E. E. Black, Ltd. Became a Tutor Perini company with the merger of Tutor-Saliba and Perini Corporation; The parent company office is located in Sylmar, California, U.S.A.
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